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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Issue three: the release

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So it's been a while since I actually blogged over here- I've been busy finishing uni and working lots.The third issue has been released, and I'm pleased to say that It's had a good responce! Now I have a lot more free time I plan to make the fourth issue the best one so far. I'm actually in need of co-editors at the moment, as right now I don't have enough, so if you are interested in being a co-editor please email me: and I'll explain to you the details. 

Anyways, I thought here I would share with you three of my favorite artists from the magazine and talk a little bit about them! It's hard to chose as everyone involved in the magazine is amazing! Anyways, Enjoy :] and be sure to look out for the next issue released early June.

The best bits!

Ben  Heine.

He creates amazing art peices, of which you can see above, where he re-creates part of the image via a sketch. It's such a clever, quirky and interesting idea! His work has been featured in many publications and seen on the BBC. I personally can't wait to see more from Ben! 

Rossella Vanon

Rosella Vanon created this amazing editorial: 'Inbetween dreams' and I was absolutely delighted when she said I could use it in the magazine. She also was the photographer behind the cover photo (this photo above was also a close second for the cover shot!) She's defnitely a very talented photographer and I really think you all need to see more of her work!

and one more:

Julia Popova

Julia Popova is a photo manipluator. She creates fantasy landscapes with beautiful models dressed in dreamy clothes. Her photos bring an escence of peace and they really are very stunning to look at. I defnitely think more people need to cher out her work.


Don't forget that you can submit your art/talent by simply emailing me on: I will be sure to respond to everyone that gets in contact. In the meantime, I'm off to work more on the magazine and to try ensure that this next issue is even better than the previous three!

Take care you lovely people
- JA


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