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Monday, 11 April 2011


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So the reason behind me writing this blog post is pretty much because I should be doing piles and piles of uni work, but instead, I thought I'd share with you some development of the magazine! Well, it's moving along nicely, we have some amazing editorials from talented photographers such as Kitty Gallannaugh and Emily Soto. We have photo manipulators, music, painters, designers and more. I really hope this issue will be worth the wait!

For anyone interested in any creative writing or editorials, or if you have some sort of talent that you feel would fit into the magazine well, then please feel free to email us on: .I will respond to every email received, it just might be a bit longer than expected as I have so much work to do! 

We also have a new co-editor on board for this issue and hopefully more.
Meet Fariha Alhassen:
( Isn't she beautiful!)

Anyways, that is all for now! Sorry for the lame-ness of this post, I assure you there will be better posts soon :] Take care!

- Jodie.


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